Consignment Guide

For 48 years, Echo Shop has been Tulsa’s leading source for profitable consignment.  We specialize in designer and better-label women’s and men’s clothing and accessories.  We encourage you to join the other 42,000 Echo consignors who are cleaning their closets regularly and making money!  The guidelines below apply to our general consignment process.  You will also need to click on the gender-specific tabs above for important details regarding ladies’ and men’s consignment.

  • We accept items Monday through Friday during business hours, yet please allow ample time (~20 min)  for us to check in your consignments.  Saturdays, we only take consignments before 12:00 noon unless any unusable items can be donated.
  • We are currently accepting spring and summer clothing until the end of June 2016.  We will begin accepting fall/winter after Labor Day.  We will price, store, and merchandise your items for the appropriate season, at our discretion.  Please note…once stored, we cannot retrieve your consigned items until they are ready to be moved to the selling floor.
  • Items must be in current style, less than 3 years old, of good quality, in like-new condition, freshly-cleaned, ironed, and on hangers please.  Remember, the better your clothes look (and smell!) the higher your sales will be!
  • Due to space limitations, we are unable to accept any clothing in bags or boxes.
  • You will receive 40% of the selling price.  You may phone or drop by anytime during business hours to inquire about your account balance.  Checks are written at your request, ID required.
  • The consignment period lasts 60 days.  At the end of that time, if there is an item you would like to retrieve, please phone 2-3 days in advance so we may gather it for you.  Any unusable &/or unsold items are donated to local charities.

Have more questions?  Just give us a call918-747-1900 Echo Shop      918-747-1904 Echo Man.

We’re excited about you consigning with us!   Many thanks for choosing Echo!

Business Hours:                                                                                                                                                                                                

Monday – Friday 10-5:30                                                                                                          Saturday  10-5:00